Though the first natural instinct of many homeowners is to phone a plumber when dealing with issues of this nature, there are often times when it’s more pertinent to get in touch with a professional foundation company, especially if the plumbing in question sis directly located near or under your foundation. We bring you the
professional plumbing services you need that bring not only the fix to your plumbing issues, but add a layer of protection to your foundation at the same time for full benefit.

Under Foundation

When dealing with plumbing issues that rest underneath your foundation, having the full knowledge of the foundation itself is important. As often with these cases one needs to either tunnel under your home or go through the foundation, knowing where to go and what to look for is important. A random hole punched through your foundation floor only exacerbates the issue, and leaves you with needing yet another repair. The professional plumbing team at Temple Foundation Repair know where to go, how best to get there, and how to bring you the results you need for your Temple home.

Alongside Your Home

For issues that lay underground yet near to your foundation, getting the right plumbing service form experienced foundation experts is important. Whether access is gained through tunneling a channel by your home walls to ensure that the repairs are delivered and that your foundation is safe, or being able to provide a full assessment of the state of your foundation after the plumbing repairs are completed, you can rely on the professionals at Temple Foundation Repair to bring you the results you need in a long lasting method that also look out for the well being of your home and not just your pipes.

Sewer Lines

Dealing with sewer line issues can be a pain, and trying to track down the root of the cause even more so, as many sewer lines are laid under your foundation, we once again find ourselves dealing with the situation of needing to either get under, or through your foundation in order to bring repairs. At Temple Foundation Repair we choose the path of least resistance and bring the knowledgeable assessment needed to know the best way to get at, and repair your plumbing issues. No matter the root cause, you can be sure that we have the solution.

Professional Quality

Even though our company is one of foundation repair and not of plumbing, at least not in name, you can be sure that the plumbers on our staff are just as experienced and credentialed as those working for a plumbing company.