The basement in your home is directly connection to the foundation, and as we all know, the foundation is one of the most important aspects of your homes entire build, when you face issues of water collecting in your basement, or along the walls, this directly affects your foundation, and can cause issues over time. One of the

easiest and most effective ways of dealing with this particular issue is through basement waterproofing, and Temple Foundation Repair brings you the services you need for an effective and reliable result.

Foundation Support

Keeping your foundation dry and strong is important for the overall integrity of your concrete slab and other parts that may be associated with your homes foundation, and nearly all of those building materials used in the creation of your foundation can feel the effects of moisture and water collection. We do so through effective and tested means of waterproofing.


Waterproofing your basement is essentially ensuring that there is a barrier between your home and the ground water outside, there are a few means to do so and while some rely on addition of objects such as a membrane cover, others rely on creating a void or space for water to collect, whether through a French drain, weeping tile or other means. When you need the right waterproofing solution for your Temple area home, you can trust in the expertise and knowledge that the professionals at Temple Foundation Repair bring, with years of experience in bringing the specific addition to your home.

Membrane Installation

Using a membrane between the wall of your basement and the outside ground, you give your home the barrier it needs to repel ground water at the source. In the wake of rain and other watery affectations, you can find the ground around your home soaking up all the water that has fallen, and dispersing it below ground, this reaches to all parts of the ground, including that resting against your basement walls. Over time this water begins to affect your walls and foundations, which is where having a protective barrier in place keep that water from being able to make contact.

Proper Results

No matter the choice in style or installation you seek when it comes to your basement waterproofing service you can be sure that Temple Foundation Repair has the experience you can rely on to bring you the best possible results. Our experts have been delivering this service to homes across the city for a number of years, and bring the full weight of that experience to your specific needs, ensuring that the only thing you have remaining after our services is a dry and strong wall and foundation that you can count on to stand up to its intended purpose.