Slab foundations are the most commonly used in the Temple area, which is why its pertinent to have companies out there that are experts on the subject, and especially in providing high quality repairs. Not only is Temple Foundation Repair one such company, but we are the one working tirelessly to be the cities leading source of foundation repair.


For a variety of reasons your slab foundation can find itself compromised and pressurized to the point that a crack appears, and though looking at it from the surface it may look like a small thing, the truth it that it’s the visible part of a much larger invisible problem. Getting to the root of what that issue is happens to be the specialty of the professionals at Temple Foundation Repair. We bring you a crack repair service that goes beyond the aesthetic and gets to the root of the problem to bring long lasting relief to your foundation.


Dealing with shifting to your slab foundation isn’t unheard of, and when the ground underneath your slab has been compromised in any way, such as voids forming, then getting the right services quickly is an imperative. We bring you the proper solutions to these issues through a variety of different means, ensuring that we always have the right solution to the issues you may face. We have become experts in many different forms of repair to ensure that once the proper solution is found, we have the skills and capabilities necessary to carry it out with the utmost expertise and skill.


When cracks have been given too long a window to grow, then you can find yourself faced with a fissure in your foundation. These issues can be major, and getting the right professionals on site as soon as possible is important. At Temple Foundation Repair we bring you a full assessment of the services required, get to the heart of the issue, and inform you of the state of your slab foundation. No mater the issue your foundation faces, you can be sure that we have the skills and expertise necessary to provide long lasting repairs that give back your homes strength.

Speed and Accuracy

When dealing with issues to your slab foundation, time is of the essence, and ensuring that the company of your choice has the means to get to your location quickly, and provide the necessary repairs with haste is important. At Temple Foundation Repair we bring you a service that is built on delivering the right results at the right time, and when you reach out to our company, you can be sure that we already have one foot out the door on the way to assist you, no matter the level of repair needed, we are there for you.