Though not as commonplace as slab foundations anymore, there are still quite a home homes in the Temple area that rely on a pier and beam foundation, and bringing the services needed to these areas is becoming more and more difficult as the number of homes that use this foundation begin to slowly decline in favor of concrete. For its many benefits 

though, many homeowners still use this method of foundation, and Temple Foundation Repair has the services you need to tackle any issue you face with them.

Elemental Effects

One of the most common weather effects that plague a pier and beam foundation is often the reason why it’s installed in the first place, and that of course is water, the bane of any foundation. Pier and beam foundations are used to elevate the home in particularly rainy or flood prone areas to keep the house protected from flood water, yet standing water underneath the home still condenses and affects the wood above. This can lead to mold, mildew or advanced degradation of the materials. To bring the right attention to these effects, we invite you to call Temple Foundation Repair.


Whether through using inferior products in its construction, or through being exposed to water over a period of time, advanced rotting can begin to show in your pier and beam foundation long before it should have given the lifespan of the foundation materials. When you find yourself dealing with these issues, usually made noticeable by a springy feeling to your floors, or sagging in certain areas, then bringing the right professional attention to these areas quickly can save you facing larger damages. We have the right pier and beam experts you need to effectively replace this deteriorating material.


A pier and beam foundation requires more upkeep than your standard concrete slab foundation, and though you should be on top of the state of either, this section is dedicated to making known the maintenance options we bring to your pier and beam version. With the right professional eyes on your foundation you get an up to the minute account of the state of your home and suggestions for action on any items that may be deemed attention worthy. We don’t aim to sell a product, but to bring you accurate information so you can make your best judgement call.


Due to natural heaving and settling of the ground underneath you may find that your pier and beam foundation has become uneven over time, and getting the right countermeasures in place quickly can save you a lot of hassle and expense in the future. At Temple Foundation Repair we bring you the shunting service you need to raise and lower your piers as needed to ensure that your Temple home is always resting level.