Though they may not come up in many day to day conversations, the truth is that there is still a sizeable number of homes across Temple that have a crawlspace underneath them rather than a full basement, or direct foundation. And when it comes to getting the right services needed to these areas, its important to deal with a company that has
the experience and expertise needed to tackle any issue that comes about. At Temple Foundation Repair we bring you the full range of crawlspace support services you need for your home.

House Jacking

Some homes use their crawlspace for a housing area for house jacking. This can often be the case when the home in question is experiencing shifting, or is being prepared to have a full foundation poured in underneath it. When you find yourself dealing with shifts in the flooring of your home due to settling of these jacks, then getting the right skilled professionals in to assist is the right call. At Temple Foundation Repair we have been assisting homeowners with crawlspaces for years and have the necessary skills to bring you the resolution you seek.


Your crawlspace needs to be constantly dry to be effective, but it’s not uncommon in periods of heavy rains or flooding in your area to find that your crawlspace has turned into an under home pool. This can be dangerous for the overall support of your home, and can cause the bottom level to shift uncontrollably in one direction or another as the ground beneath gives way. If you find your crawlspace flooded then getting the right professional services immediately is important, and Temple Foundation Repair is just the experienced company you need to bring you results fast.

Crawlspace Support

If you find that the ground walls of your crawlspace are shifting more than usual, or that small mounds of dirt are forming at the bottoms of these walls, then the ground around the base of your crawlspace may be shifting, and in order to avoid a full landslide of this area, getting the proper support structures in place can be vital.

Assessment and Maintenance

Every now and then staying on top of the condition of your crawlspace is important. As many of these items are no more than giant dug holes under the ground of your house, it’s important to know the status and integrity of these areas in order to stay ahead of issues. The professionals at Temple Foundation Repair can bring you advanced warning of shifting walls, encroaching water sources, and many other things that can threaten your crawlspace, giving you the information needed to make informed decisions on how you should proceed with any repairs, or structural support for your Temple home.