At Temple Foundation Repair we believe that the first point of contact is the first chance to make the best impression of our company, which is why we ensure that when you decide to call into our offices, you will be immediately met with a knowledgeable professional in our company who can quickly bring answer to your inquiries, schedule assessments, or have professionals on
route to your property to bring the repairs you need. We believe that to make our companies dedication to a customer centric approach clear that we need to deliver services quickly and in a straightforward manner, and this includes the first point of contact. ​
We’ve all hit the frustration of calling into a business and finding ourselves met with an emotionless robotic voice telling us to press specific numbers for vague menu choices, and at Temple Foundation Repair we feel this detracts from the ability to begin forming working relationships with our clients effectively. When you call in, we want the first impression for you to have of our company is that we are there for you, even if it’s just to pick up the phone and talk to you directly.